Chasing Away Monday Blues…With Pink!

In a usually failed attempt at psyching myself up for MONDAYs, I sometimes try to put on a comfy, cheery outfit. Enter the short sleeve imperial rose Loft cardigan.

Happy Monday (kinda)!

Cardigans are a nice way to look pulled together but are much less formal and structured than a jacket or blazer. This is about as casual as I am comfortable to wear at my current client. The white t-shirt underneath is one of my favorite wardrobe staples of all time – the Merona gathered neck top from Target. I added this polka dot flower brooch from Kohl’s, Merona black pants from Target, some amazing flats from the Missoni for Target collection, and one of my necklace designs (which is sadly mangled-looking in the picture above).

OOTD 4-6-2012
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Loft V-Neck Short Sleeve Cardigan
$39.50 –

$10 –

Hair clip accessory
$9.60 –

merona black pant
$25 –

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