Vampy/Goth Lip Colors at Work?

It seems those vampy, super dark purply-brownish-black lip colors have been popping up a lot lately. As you know, I love pulling trends into my everyday work wardrobe. I am also a big fan of a bold lip at work, but I’ve always worn bright bold lips, never a dark shade. I’m a little on the fence about pulling a shade like this into a daytime professional look…

What do you think?

~The Biz Beauty


Hello world!

Well hello there, world, and welcome to The Biz Beauty!

I’ve been thinking about putting together this blog for some time and I’m glad it’s finally up and running! My hope is that other women working in a semi-to-formal workplace can gain inspiration and tips from my personal business style. Being a hard-working woman doesn’t mean your clothing has to be dumpy and drab! It took me nearly six years to learn this lesson and now I get complimented on my professional fashion choices nearly every day! I also hope to learn new tricks from all of you – you can never have too many fashion or style ideas up your sleeve!!

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~The Biz Beauty