Lavender Look

After the warm weather earlier in the week, I just couldn’t let the spring look go. Thursday was much cooler, so I needed a couple layers to stay warm without a coat. I decided to go with a lavender spago blouse from Brooks Brothers and build my outfit around that. I threw on some black pants (tried to take the easy way out) and something just wasn’t right, so I switched to some light gray. Bingo. Threw on a great navy blazer (an incredible Tahari piece I managed to snag at the Bay Ridge TJMaxx for $49 – originally $228!) and some patent nude Cole Haan pumps and I was set. Finished off the outfit with simple accessories and makeup.

OOTD 4-19-2012
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Longchamp tote bag
$190 –

Brown eyeliner
$8.76 –

Laura mercier makeup
$42 –

$12 –

Maybelline makeup
$6.99 –

Essie sparkly nail polish
$8 –


Ties! For girls!

So here is a little trick I picked up from a mannequin at Brooks Brothers. It took a little practice to perfect, but now it is one of my absolute favorite looks and is a huge head-turner and conversation starter: the lady’s tie!

The Lady's Tie!

I happen to like wearing a pink tie for this look because I think it provides a really nice juxtaposition. Of course you can use any knot you like; I prefer a Pratt knot.

The Pratt knot is a medium-sized knot. I like a medium knot for this look to balance out the flare at the bottom of the tie. The Pratt is also a symmetrical knot that has two side-dimples, not a center-dimple. I am a stickler for tie-knot-symmetry! The key to this look is switching the tail lengths (if, at the beginning, the wide end of the tie should be 12 inches longer than the skinny end, switch this so the skinny end is 12 inches longer than the wide end). After tying, you will have an extremely long, skinny tail to deal with. I simply tuck the tail into my shirt between the top two buttons and it’s out of sight all day!

I wore a great fuchsia and white checkered tie with a classic black suit and white blouse this week. I went to a happy hour with my husband and his friends couldn’t get enough of the tiny tie! Try this for a truly unique look that will get you noticed!

OOTD 4-18-2012
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Brooks tailored dress
$159 –

Floral shoes
$60 –

Maybelline cosmetic
$6.99 –

Chanel waterproof eye liner
$30 –

NYX lip makeup
$5.50 –

Fresh lip treatment
$25 –